Wow. Here I am, all of 27 years old, and have only just realized what pearl jam really means. Is this what enlightenment feels like?

Fall Anime 2009

Kimi ni todoke and Darker Than Black mark my return to the world of anime-watching. Not that I ever left, really. Just took a mini-hiatus, that' all. (cos if Natsume Yuujinchou returns with a third season, you can bet your ->beep<- that I'd be on it in an instant)

It's nice to be back. =)

The edge of adolescence vs the cusp of adulthood

Ossu! Ohisashiburi~! Kinda.

Remember when I said I'd be heading off to le Zipangu and that I'd be watching this Japanese adaptation of the Broadway musical Glory Days? If not, check about two entries down with the slightly provocative image--you really can't miss it. I actually wrote a short report about it here (accompanied by some pictures I took before and after the show) some time back. The DVD's been released and someone's uploaded a few of the songs on youtube. To give you all a better idea of what I saw that day, here's a vid of the title performance from the musical itself:-



Very talented bunch of young chaps, these four. Well, I'm actually pretty familiar with one of them but it took all four of them (together with all the other staff who made this wonderful adaptation possible) to make this show shine the way it did. =) Oh yeah, while I'm at it, and since they're available for streaming (for now), I thought I'd introduce a couple of my favorite songs from the show: this and this =D.

Do check 'em out, yeah? I promise you won't regret it. Probably. Possibly maybe. xxD And if you do like it, and have some spare cash in hand, do consider getting your hands on the DVD, yeah?

The drink after the show, I tell you, was a real gem. -.-; There are parts of the show that are slightly hazy in my head (the performance was powerful enough to cause a sensory overload in my HD) but my memory of the drink and of the experience I had after is technicolor vivid =.=.


Love Exposure: The movie I've been wanting to see all my life but just didn't know it yet.

Japanese title: Ai no Mukidashi

This is a show I've been raring to see for a while now, ever since I first heard about it a few months ago. It's been creating quite the hype in the movie festival circuit, selling out arthouses and festival venues around the world despite being a whopping 4-hours in length. I first heard about it while searching around for AAA goodies (the singing/dancing performance unit the lead actor is a part of, whose music and dance I find highly appealing) and what a great thing it has led me to. Here's a taste of it:-

And now, I've seen it.

Not being able to go to these festivals, I had to wait two months with bated breath for the DVD to finally arrive at my doorstep. The wait was worth every second, the amount I paid worth every cent.

Here's my review, which took me a week and three watches of the movie to finally churn out:


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Spring '09 (Wow, has it been ten years since '99?)

Will be watching:
1. Eden of the East
2. Fullmetal Alchemist Remake
3. Phantom ~Requiem of the Phantom~

May be watching:
1. Sengoku Basara
2. Valkyria Profile
3. 07 Ghost

Recently finished watching:
1. Casshern Sins
2. Bounen no Xamdou
3. Kurozuka
4. Chaos;HEAd
5. Junjou Romantica -2-
6. Kidousenshi Gundam 00 -2-
7. Kuroshitsuji

Currently still watching:
1. Birdy the Mighty Decode -2-
2. Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou
3. Himitsu ~The Revelation~
4. Kyou Kara Maou -3-
5. Tales of the Abyss
6. Tentai Senshi Sunred
7. Eve no Jikan

Anything from the last season not mentioned here = dropped (or never started at all)